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The Astronaut Almanac

Volume 1:
Pilot Astronauts

244 pages  ·  2006  ·  $17.10

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          Volume 2:
Specialist Astronauts

283 pages  ·  2006  ·  $18.31

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Two beautiful volumes containing the official biography of every NASA astronaut ever selected. See sample page and preface (PDF).

Other Must-Haves for your Astronaut Library

The Modern Age
by Henry S.F. Cooper
Best description of an astronaut's work: what it's like to train for, and fly, a shuttle mission.
by Bryan Burrough
Best description of the politics in the astronaut office. There's a lot, and it controls careers.
The Heroic Age
by Tom Wolfe
The greatest book ever written about the American space program. The movie was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar!
by Michael Collins (Gemini 10, Apollo 11)
Collins is a terrific writer and a thoughtful, incisive, humble observer.
by Andrew Chaikin
Breathtaking, lovingly detailed recounting of the Apollo program. Chaikin interviewed all Apollo survivors.
by Tom Hanks
Moving adaptation of Chaikin's book for a television mini-series. Unforgettable. Surprisingly, Apollos 12 and 9 provide the best episodes.
by Chris Kraft
Viewpoint of the decision-makers and managers. Apollo would never have succeeded without smart, pragmatic people like Kraft.

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